Dinner Menu


Monday 22nd May

St. John's sourdough 2.50
Cornish rock oysters 2.50 each
Mussel soup 6.50
Chipirones, black aioli  8.50
Grilled Cornish sardines, parsley & sumac 7.00
Beetroot, pear, feta, walnut salad 7.00
Burrata, tomato & radish salad 8.75
Chargrilled skirt steak, beef fat chips 15.50
Pork belly, patatas a lo pobre 14.50
Braised rabbit, bacon & wild garlic 16.50
Monkfish, saffron & pea risotto  17.50
Grilled swordfish, chips, rocket, aioli 14.75
Breaded halloumi, beetroot, squash, broccoli & tomato 12.50
Stuffed courgettes, fried polenta, beetroot and walnut  10.00

To Share: Roast shouder of mutton & potato 25.00

New pots, Jersey royals, green salad, mash, broccoli and chilli, greens 3.50